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In 'Addictions'...pupiline interactives

Addictions - The dictionary defines addiction as. (...more)

Addictions Links - If you or anybody you know are having problems with any of the things covered in the pupiline addictions section try the following... (...more)

The Truth About Solvents - So you're probably thinking, why are solvents such an issue within teenage life? Solvents have been around for a long time and in the 1970's... (...more)

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In 'Being Positive'...pupiline interactives

Being Positive links - If you are having real problems about your self-esteem, or you're feeling really low, take a look at some of the professional agencies below... (...more)

Self Esteem and how you do it!! - Put simply, your self-esteem is how well you think about yourself compared to other people. (...more)

Being Positive...

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In 'Bullying'...pupiline interactives

Our Stories...Talking About A Problem Is The First Step To Resolving The Problem. - I was a victim of bullying from the age of 7 to 16. I thought the school was great and liked my work I just wished some of the pupils would... (...more)

Our Stories...About Myself - I am writing as one who suffered constantly at the hands of school bullies from the age of 8 until 16. (...more)

Our Stories...Tell a Teacher, Family or Friend, and Make the Bullying End - This is what I want you to remember while you read my story. (...more)

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In 'Dating and Dumping'...pupiline interactives
Dating and Dumping

Dating & Dumping - Making, forming, going through and getting over relationships is one of the biggest tests in life. (...more)

It's time to pucker up! - tips for your lips. (...more)

The Perfect Date - Is there really such a thing as a perfect first date? Surely there's no solution to the awkward chit-chat and spilt drinks? (...more)

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In 'Driving'...

Get on the Road... The pupiline Guide to Learning to Drive - Right, you're so sick of getting lifts off ma and pa, when going out, arent you? (...more)

Pupiline's Guide on... Starting to learn to drive - Well before you get behind that wheel, you're going to have to get yourself a Provisional Licence, which allows you to drive car as long as... (...more)

Pupiline's guide to get to grips with... The Driving Theory Test - The Driving Theory test contains 35 multiple-choice questions for you to answer on a variety of driving and road safety areas. (...more)

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In 'Exam Stress'...
Exam Stress

Exam Stress and Revision...Our Stories - It's that time of the year again where everyone is taking exams. They may be important ones like GCSE's or A-Levels or they may just be end... (...more)

Revision Timetable - Below here is a timetable which I've been used for revision. It is best for those who have 'holidays' or study leave to revise but it can be... (...more)

Mock GCSEs - Millions of years ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, and your Physics teacher had just evolved, some clever person came up with the... (...more)

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In 'Food'...pupiline interactives

Some interesting Break-facts. - An article on food just wouldn't be the same without some statistics would it? Not wanting to break the tradition, here are the Pupiline Top... (...more)

Diary Of A Cereal Filler - For some of us, even the thought of eating something in the morning is enough to make us reach for the toilet bowl. (...more)

Food, Glorious Food - Welcome to the Pupiline Food Section. At the moment everybody and everything is going mad about health, health, and health. (...more)

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In 'Friends & Family'...pupiline interactives

Losing a Pet... - We all have pets or have had pets but never think about what would happen and how you would feel if they died. (...more)

Friends, Family, Loss and Divorce... its the Friends and Family section :) - As the old saying goes: "You can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends" - sometimes, friends and families can be the most frustrating... (...more)

Friends... - Many of us will know what it feels like when our friends dump us to go around with the 'in' crowd. (...more)

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In 'Health'...

Having Diabetes - Our Stories - Now, one of the problems with having to live with something like Diabetes is the fact that you can't actually tell that someone's got it through... (...more)

Coping with... Spots - Unfortunately, as teenagers we will all suffer from the ocasional zit, at some point during puberty. (...more)

A Guide To Insomnia - Can't sleep? Me neither, but what causes the insomnia that so many of us suffer from? (...more)

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In 'Keeping Legal'...

Sex Laws - Although the issue of sex is discussed loads more now than when your mum and dad used to be at school, most of us at some stage in our lives... (...more)

Keeping Legal... - It's really hard at the moment to judge whether something that you do could lead to you being in trouble with the law. (...more)

Our Stories: My Bus Ticket Horror! - Interested to know if they really do sort people who dodge fares? (...more)

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In 'Money'...pupiline interactives

Money Money Money - Now it comes to the crunch. You want to go out with your mates and you need to get that birthday present for mum, but one problem exists you... (...more)

Your Money And/Or Your Life...Get Your Finances In Order - Keep it safe-spend it with knowledge. So you've just got 50 from Auntie Jo and just started your first job, doing a morning paper round. (...more)

Choosing A Bank Account: - Decisions, decisions. (...more)

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In 'Part-Time Jobs'...pupiline interactives
Part-Time Jobs

All You Need To Know About Part-Time Jobs - So you want to get the lowdown on the world of part-time jobs well read on. (...more)

Part-time work- My Story - I'm sure many of you are thinking about getting part time jobs if you are 14+. (...more)

Part-Time Jobs From Hell...Our Stories - I've heard some pretty bad stories about people's experiences in the world of work and it's a shock to realise how badly many of us are treated. (...more)

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In 'School'...

When moving schools is impossible are there other options? - When you are a victim of bullying you can feel trapped, as if there is no way to escape and get back to a happy life. (...more)

Learning Disablilties - Our Stories - I began to notice my learning disability when I went up to Secondary School in 1994, I was 11. (...more)

Back To School Fears, Our Stories - Going back to school has become a normal part of my life for the past 11 years, but now it's my final GCSE year and everything feels different. (...more)

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In 'Sex and You'...pupiline interactives
Sex and You

Contraception And Its Uses - Well to get straight to the point, it will stop us girls from getting pregnant for a start. (...more)

Sex and You... - So you think you and your boy/girlfriend are ready to take the plunge and begin a sexual relationship? (...more)

How To Use Help-Lines - Where do you go when you need help because you're worried or you need advice as what to do next? (...more)

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In 'Y Vote?'...pupiline interactives

Y Vote? - Y vote indeed? The number of people who actually bothered voting at the General Election 2001 was one of the lowest ever, politics is full of... (...more)

Y Vote? Links - Here are the essential sites to check out about Voting, Politics and all the other aspects covered in Y Vote. (...more)

The Pupiline Guide To The Main UK Political Parties - If you thought that a General Election in the is a straight fight between the Conservatives and Labour, think again as there are a few more... (...more)

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