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In 'Fashion'...

Pupiline Charity Shopping Spree - Suppose I said the word's "charity" and "shop" to you - what would immediately spring to mind? (...more)

A Guide To Chilling Out.....A Way To Relax - Well if you've just finished your exams, or had a long summer earning some extra dosh for that special something, or school is winding you up... (...more)

It's Getting Cold...Better Get a Hat, Gloves and a Scarf - Part 1 - It's wintertime guys! It's about time for you to whip out your accessories to stop Jack Frost from attacking you this season. (...more)

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In 'Film'...

Top Ten Films of 2000 - It's that time of year where everybody looks back at the releases of the last year and picks out their hot faves, so here's my films of 2000. (...more)

Ali G In Da House - Win some top Ali G gear. Enter our Competition! (you must login first) Ali G In Da House, Released on DVD and VHS, November 11th,... (...more)

Crossroads - Make the Journey - Want a chance to win goodies from the smash-hit Britney Spears movie. (...more)

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In 'Freebies'...

Do you wanna win a lot of entertaining goodies?... - How about something to keep you amused over the Summer Hols? (...more)

Get your free stuff here... - Here's some great stuff that you can download for free. (...more)

Jokes and Funnies - What better way to cheer yourself up than to have a good laugh. So for your enjoyment we've hand picked some of these hilarious gags. (...more)

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In 'Gadgets'...

World O' Gadgets 2001 - Crumbs! - Thanks to one great reader, my gadget section is really "stupid" this week. (...more)

Mobile Phone Ring Tones - So, you've bought that mobile phone that's been staring at you from the shop window. (...more)

Internet Report - We're all using it all the time but do we really know about the internet? (...more)

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In 'Games'...

Star Wars - Starfighter - Playstation 2  44.99 by LucasArts - To many Star Wars fans, the releases for various game consoles in the last 10 years have been enormous disappointment, compared to the amazing... (...more)

Toy Story Racer - PSX - 29.99 by Activision - OH NO!.....I hear you cry, not another bloomin' kart racer game, they've been done to death and to add insult to injury this ones based on a film. (...more)

SSX - Playstation 2 - 44.99 by Namco - Thanks to the Sony Playstation, gaming has officially become "cool". (...more)

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In 'Going Out'...
Going Out

The Best Budget Beaches In The WorldEver! - Start packing your suitcase now, because in this article we have the perfect beach holiday for everyone! Be it on a severe budget or being able... (...more)

How To Plan The Best BBQ Party In The WorldEver! - So the BBQ Party is tomorrow night. Everyone is invited and it looks as though it could be an exciting event. (...more)

How To Plan The Best BBQ Party In The WorldEver! Part 2 - So you've decided on what food you need to cook but what about your drinks and the music? (...more)

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In 'Music'...

Meeting the Band .... The D-Side Exclusive Interview Part 1 - D-Side are Dane, Derek, Damian, Ryan and Shane the newest fresh-faced and funky boyband to come out of that hotbed of pop talent, Ireland. (...more)

pupiline has a fresh new exclusive: D-Side - Big fan of Westlife? Adore Blue? Think *NSync are dreamy? (...more)

Pupiline Meets... New Pop Sensation - Brittney Cleary - Brittney Cleary is currently making a huge impact in the pop world with her forthcoming release I.M. (...more)

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In 'Retro/Kitsch'...

Retro Files Vol.2...Battle of the Planets - Way back in the late seventies when Pokemon was a mere twinkle in Nintendo's game-creating eye and Disco was the music of choice, came... (...more)

Battle of the Planets Volume 1 (Mollin Video) 12.99, Out Now - So let's have a look at Battle of the Planets, is it as cool as I remember it? (...more)

The Retro Files Vol 1: Bros - A long time ago in 1988, when Boyzone and Take That were mere rugrats, Bros ruled the airwaves as the king of boy-bands. (...more)

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In 'Sports'...

The Monaco Grand Prix 25-27 May 2001 - The Monaco circuit lies on the Southeast coast of France, 10 miles from Nice. (...more)

Dom's Dugout.... Match Reports on West Lindsey J.F.C  - 'It's been a while since we checked in with our roving football reporter Dom and his Under-15's team, so here's a chance for you to catch up... (...more)

Information on Pigholdet - On my travels, I have reported to you on Girl's Soccer in America. This time I decided to look a little bit closer to home. (...more)

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In 'Staying In'...
Staying In

My Two Sentons - 4 - Hey there, sorry about the long time since my last article but Im back and better than ever now, lets have a look at whats been happening in... (...more)

My Two Sentons - 3 - Hey, it's me again, big things have happening in wrestling with Wrestlemania only days away, and more below. (...more)

My 2 Sentons - Hi again, here's some of the latest news and just some of my views from the weird and wonderful world of WWF. (...more)

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In 'Worldwide'...

What's Cool In Oz...6 - One of the biggest things that's happened recently to do with Australia has been Aussie, Russell Crowe winning best actor at the Oscars for... (...more)

What's Cool in Oz #5 - G'Day pupiliners, it's been a while since the last 'What's Cool In Oz' article and there have been a few more things that have come 'in' and... (...more)

What's Cool In Milan... - Here's a guide to what's cool where I live. (...more)

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