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In 'British Epilepsy Association '...

British Epilepsy Association Campaign For Young People - Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects 0.5-1 per cent of the population (420,000 people) of which roughly half are women. (...more)

In 'Bullying'...

Bullying, What To Do, What Not To Do And Essential Links - Unfortunately bullying is very common in schools and in places of work everywhere. (...more)

In 'Exam Stress'...
Exam Stress

Preparing For Exam Stress - Its a fact, that every year at school, out come the old desks and chairs and we get lumped with exams and tests. (...more)

In 'Teenage Cancer Trust'...

Calling All Teenagers - Teenagers With Cancer Need Your Help!! - You all know about the trials and troubles in getting people to stop treating you like a child or expecting you to act like an adult. (...more)

In 'What to do after Leaving School'...
What to do after Leaving School

What 2 Do Next...After Leaving School - Fine, so you've finished your GCSE's, opened the paper, cheered :-) or cried :-(, had the seriously big party and woke up 10 hours later, not... (...more)

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