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The Best Budget Beaches In The World…Ever!

Start packing your suitcase now, because in this article we have the perfect beach holiday for everyone! Be it on a severe budget or being able to splash out a little more cash, here at Pupiline we give you the guide to the best beaches in the world and the best bit is, they are all affordable!! We set a budget from £50 to £300 pounds and surfed the net for dream holidays. And this is exactly what we came up with…


  • Where? Fistral, Newquay, Cornwall.
  • Why? Newquay can promise sun, blue sea (which is quite something in England!), sand and plenty of serenity (just think of how chilled out all of the surfers are there!) You could both brave the waters and surf the waves, or, if you’d rather leave it up to the professionals, become a beach bum for the entire holiday. With the very relaxed atmosphere around the seafront, you could enjoy a peaceful meal overlooking the sea, or find sticks of rock to take back home for your family’s souvenirs. But believe me, if you think that you might find Newquay a little too relaxed, the evenings certainly come alive with all of the entertainment around the seafront!
  • Get me there now: You can hop straight on a train to Newquay from London’s Paddington Station for £31.50 return (book at least one week in advance). There are 10% discount travel cards called "Young People’s Railcards", that you can obtain from any railway station. They allow you travel anywhere around the country by train at 10% less then the usual price…bargain! Call rail enquiries on 0345 484950 for details on how to get there from your nearest station. You can stay at any B&B for approx. £18.50 (including breakfast) or at the local hostel for £10 a night. Prices will vary depending on the time you decide to visit in the summer.


  • Where? St Tropez
  • Why? Well for a start, how glamorous does it sound when you tell your mates you will be visiting "St Tropez"? St Tropez is just oozing with glamorous golden shores, and splendid sunshine. Guys, buff your body up before modelling the latest Speedo’s! And girls get out your itsy-bitsy bikinis and head to Plage de la Bouillabaisse where even the sandy beaches get groomed and the weather is as hot as the stars that visit here! Nobody would ever believe that you paid a measly £100 to touch shoulders with the rich and famous…it’s certainly a holiday that would make your mates green with envy.
  • Get me there now: Jump on a flight from your nearest airport to Nice for an absolute bargain! Check out as you can usually get flights much cheaper using the Internet (as you can with most things!) From the airport you can catch a bus which will take you to the harbour. From there it is a short boat trip to paradise! Catch up on your beauty sleep from as little as £60 a night (which is cheap for St Tropez). For a little tip, the cheaper hotels are the ones that aren’t directly overlooking the bay!


  • Where? San Antonio Bay, Ibiza
  • Why? Believe me Ibiza has a lot more to offer than just a mad clubbing holiday. So if you haven’t quite yet reached the age for clubbing then you can find out how nice Ibiza really is! San Antonio, on Ibiza’s East Coast, offers spectacular sunset views and a relaxed atmosphere, which means you, can just rest peacefully all day! The calm sea means that you can have plenty of fun in the water with either the provided water sports or you could choose to snorkel or relax on your lilo all by yourself. In the evenings all of the restaurants around the town are just as lively as any club…so you’ll be able to have loads of fun!
  • Get me there now: There are many package holidays offering a week’s stay at a hotel in San Antonio for as little as £206 per person. This includes a buffet style breakfast and lunch. Check out for some cheap deals.


  • Where? Lefkas, Greece
  • Why? The beautiful island of Lefkas is the fourth largest in the Ionian Sea. The sandy, white beaches of Aghios Ionis hug the mountainous landscape and picturesque harbours. You might need about two weeks there before you can pronounce the name of the town (Aghios Ionis) but then who’s complaining? If you’re are lucky enough you might even find you have a beach to yourself! With the high climate and low rainfall in the summer season, the white sands are even more appealing. Just lie back and think of paradise!
  • Get me there now: You can pick up package deals with from as little as £300 per person for two weeks self-catering accommodation in Lefkas town. What a bargain!

So there you have it, four idyllic holidays which are genuinely affordable. However, if you’ve won the lottery and feel you want to really blow the budget, big time, then check out for dream holidays. These are places that when you read about them, you realise it is worth slogging your guts out and studying as much as possible to get a job good enough to afford this type of holiday. Either that or you form the next boy/girl band! Think of Bali, Barbados, Antigua and The Maldives. With these places expect to be paying at least a £1000+ for just one week! Make sure your parents play the lottery this week!

- Vick

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©1999-2003 Pupiline Limited, 2003-2008 Creative Commons. For info email Oli Originally powered by KeConnect Internet, now powered by XCalibre and the Big Boost, recovered thanks to Warrick

©1999-2003 Pupiline Limited, 2003-2008 Creative Commons. For info email Oli Originally powered by KeConnect Internet, now powered by XCalibre and the Big Boost, recovered thanks to Warrick