Monday December 22, 2003 @ 20:00 GMT
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World O' Gadgets...Number 3

Da-Da-Da-Da-Da,  David-O-Gadget Da-Da-Da-Da-Da, Da Daaaaaaa! Chuckle, it's only me: Pupiline's resident gadget boffin David O'Gadget, reporting on some of the best gadgets available to you.

Each week, I'll be telling you what's caught my beady gadget eye, with  a run-down of gizmos that are simply too corking to ignore - Oh Boy!

U.B.O. Alien Robot

"Exterminate! Exterminate!" - that's the noise that those evil daleks would make in Dr.Who. Don't worry though, this friendly robot isn't scary - in fact he's a really great gadget!

The "U.B.O. Alien Robot" gadget is a radio controlled gyroscope who races around at your command from up to 80 feet away - Oh Boy!

Crumbs! This colourful gadget can even do tricks such as pivot on one foot or a jaunty moon walk....

....His motor buzzes with excitement!

The "U.B.O. Alien Robot" gadget is clever too, if he bumps into something and falls down - he'll be up and running again with his snazzy spin move.

$69.99 from

(comes with one Ni-Cd rechargeable battery cassette and charger and a transmitter that uses one 9V battery, both included)

Electro Stun Swatter

If you read the first David O'Gadget a few weeks ago, then you'll know all about the "Mosquito Forcefield Watch" gadget which kept those buzzing pests at bay!

Well, how about this great gadget - the "Electro Stun Swatter" gadget, this doesn't just keep the insects at bay, but also fries them to a crisp!

(Evil Laugh): "Bwah ha ah ha ha ha ha ha a ha haaaaaa!!!"

Just press the thumb switch to activate the pulsing electric field and with no mess or smell you can "eliminate" flying pests such as:

  • Mosquitos
  • Gnats
  • Houseflies

This will be great for picnics - those wasps will have a nasty surprise when they try to pinch my tarts!

 $13.95 from 

Zeta III

I'll tell you what gadget fans, my home is at the top of a big hill - Oh Boy! I like to cycle everywhere on my Gadget-Bike and often get really tired pedelling up that big slope....

Well not anymore! This great "Zeta III" gadget straps onto your bike and gives you a little "pedelling assistance", offering 50 minutes of continuous power with a maximum speed of 10 mph - Crumbs!

You can remove the "Zeta III" in under 10 seconds, so you won't have to worry about pesky thieves trying to get their hands on your gadget - It'll even work in wet weather so you can cycle in the rain!

$199.95 from

(12 volt battery built in - full charging takes a maximum of 14 hours - polypropylene outer case - nylon 66 gears - acetal transmission case
safety Reflector is built into the front of Zeta III - weight 9.5 lbs - size 10.6" X 5.5" X 6.5") 


"Rinnnnnnnnngggggggg" - that's the noise my boring old alarm clock makes each morning to wake me about dull!

This great "Wakeyoo" personalised alarm clock gadget will put a stop to those dull wake up calls though - by letting you make up your own alarm sound!

You can record your own 20 second message to act as your alarm, it could be your favourite piece of music, a funny message or even (snigger) a rude noise!

15.95 from

(requires 4 AA batteries)

Ribbit Automated Pool Cleaner

One of my favourite treats of the summer is going round to my Aunty's and using her outdoor swimming pool.

Oh Boy! - the problem is though, Aunty is a bit short sighted and can't always tell whether the pool is clean. Sometimes it's a horrible green colour, full of slime and gunk.

I think I'll buy Aunty one of these "Ribbit Automated Pool Cleaner" gadgets to help clean her pool up.

This great frog-like cleaner scoots around the bottom of a swimming pool, moving back and forth sucking up all the nasty stuff at the bottom of the pool through it's 40ft hose.

Most of the mess is cleaned up in 4 hours!

$199.95 from

WWF Slam-Cam

Although I really really love gadgets, my other favourite hobby is watching the wrestling on the telly. My favourite wrestler is Big Boss Man, he has some great gadgets....

Anyway, hows about this fab "WWF Slam-Cam" gadget, a digital camera that comes with a great CD Rom.

Contained on the disc are loads of preset images of all your favourite superstars and locations. You can cut and paste your images into loads of imaginary scenarios (like putting your head onto the body of a wrestler or your mum in the ring with The Rock)

 I made some great pictures of me and Big Boss Man!

$104.99 from

(requires Windows 95 or higher and a CD Rom drive) 

Well that's just about it for this week. I do hope you've enjoyed my collection of gadgets - and now, it's time to ask you a favour.

It would be really tremendous if you'd join my "Gadget Gang" and send in details of any gadgets that are brill and which you think everyone should know about. All you budding inventors out there could even send in your ideas for gadgets that you think should be made - send your ideas to:

See you next time.... 

All of this weeks gadgets are available from:


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©1999-2003 Pupiline Limited, 2003-2008 Creative Commons. For info email Oli Originally powered by KeConnect Internet, now powered by XCalibre and the Big Boost, recovered thanks to Warrick

©1999-2003 Pupiline Limited, 2003-2008 Creative Commons. For info email Oli Originally powered by KeConnect Internet, now powered by XCalibre and the Big Boost, recovered thanks to Warrick