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Stay Gorgeous This Summer

Once again the sticky days of summer are just around the corner and your usual beauty routine just wonít cut it Iím afraid girls. As soon as the sizzling summer arrives we just arenít prepared enough for our make-up meltdowns. So get prepared for a scorcher this year and read these beauty tips to keep looking gorgeous throughout this season.

Condition Your Bonce

If you dabbled with your hair colour during the colder months, keep it looking fresh and glossy by feeding your locks lashings and lashings of conditioner. By doing this you will achieve fabulously sexy, shiny hair.

TREATS: If you want to splash out then try Charles Worthington Dream Hair Stay True Conditioner, £5.95.To prevent holiday straw-hair syndrome always rinse hair with fresh water as soon as youíve cooled off in the sea. Then spritz your locks with No 7 Hair Defence Spritz Protecting & Conditioning, £5.50. That way youíll even have sleek and shiny hair on the beach.

ON A BUDGET: If youíre trying to save for that holiday of a life-time then hereís how to cut some corners and save money. You can still buy Charles Worthington products but in miniature bottles instead. Yep thatís right they are available in a range called "Take Aways", ideally sized to fit into your wash bag when going on holiday. And they are a bargain price of £2 and still last a long while too!

Instead of buying a conditioner spritz for the beach Ė make one! Fill an easy to carry pump spray with half water and half conditioner. Use on the beach or when lazing around the swimming pool.

No Melt Make-Up

Itís practically impossible to stop make-up from going gooey during a heatwave. So there are two things you could do to save yourself from the embarrassment of meltdown mayhem. My advice would be to either ditch the melt-ables like lipstick, foundation and mascara, and replace them for tinted moisturisers and clear gel mascara. In the summer make-up can be a lot lighter, you can get away with a blemish or two showing. As long as you look and feel healthy you neednít bother with the full on make-up procedure. If you still donít feel confident enough to part with your make-up then invest in a Zero Bag Company Cosmetic Cool Bag, £9.95. It contains an ice mat which you cool in the freezer before slipping it back inside to save your favourite make-up. What a cool invention!

What you must remember though is that the make-up bag wonít stop your make-up from melting when itís on your face. Thatís why in the summer it is best to swap to tinted moisturisers, powder-based products and melt-proof lip gloss. Phew! Iím getting hot just thinking about all of these tips that weíve got to remember. Blokes have it so easy!

Luscious Lips

Whatever colour lipstick you choose make sure your lipstick this summer has got a definite shimmer. Pastels are a must have for the summer. Or just keep your lips nude and add your own shimmer with a gloss. Shimmer effects make lips look fuller and compliment your tan. So you can go out in the evening looking like a shimmering sassy goddess and stun all your mates. Rimmelís new Colour-To-Go lipsticks with their candy coloured tubes are irresistible and only £2.29!

Fabulous Feet

This summer flip-flops and sandals are even more in fashion than ever so donít let your sexy sandals down.

Make some time every week to give yourself a pedicure. Not only will it be nice to give yourself a little TLC but your will also have super sexy feet. Start by soaking your feet in a warm foot bath before using a pumice stone to get any yucky dead skin out of sight. Rub a rich moisturiser into your feet to get super soft totsies. To avoid in-growing toenails, clip your nails straight across. Soften sharp edges with an emery board but never shape your toenail that is how the problem of in-grown nails occurs! Then all that is left to do is paint away.

Sexy Scents

Take care when wearing perfumes during the summer days because the alcohol can react with sunlight and cause sensitivity and pigment marks. But at night there is absolutely nothing to stop you from smelling like a sexy goddess! A guaranteed gorgeous and exotic scent is Michael, by Michael Kors. It smells of tuberose the powerful tropical flower. It comes in a great packable purse spray, but at a very steep £75, and a less pricey eau de toilette for £35.

Wear Sunglasses

This may seem obvious, but it is truly one of the easiest ways to keep the lines around your eyes at bay. Although we donít worry about it now itíll be something weíll regret not doing when weíre older. Sunnies also act as a great disguise if you have had a rather late night! A good pair will always protect your eyes against UV, which is very important. Expect to pay a little more for really good sunglasses, but they will last believe me! Always check your sunglasses meet the British Standard for UV protection. My favourites are Oakley sunglasses. They have 100% UV protected lenses and also come with a guarantee that if you break them you can send them back to Oakley and get them repairedÖGreat! Just make sure you donít lose them.

Follow these tips, and you'll have all your mates wondering how you keep so cool all summer! For more tips visit


- Vick

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©1999-2003 Pupiline Limited, 2003-2008 Creative Commons. For info email Oli Originally powered by KeConnect Internet, now powered by XCalibre and the Big Boost, recovered thanks to Warrick

©1999-2003 Pupiline Limited, 2003-2008 Creative Commons. For info email Oli Originally powered by KeConnect Internet, now powered by XCalibre and the Big Boost, recovered thanks to Warrick