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These are brand new forums, the old site's forum had thousands of messages, but this is a brand new version ready for your messages.

To get you started you can click here and vist the old site's forums. All the messages that you and others have posted are here, they're inactive so you can't post  but you can respond to them in the new forums, so please feel free.

Also here are a broad selection of messages we received on the old site's forums for you to quickly see what has happened before.

What people said on the previous forums was incredibly hard-hitting moving, sensible and in some cases helpful, visit the new forums and continue in the excellent manner of the previous messages.

  • "First of all I would like to say thank you to Oli for creating this site. It was mentioned on the Kilroy Show and I visited the site straight away!!! I'm sure it will help a lot of victims of Bullying to overcome it somehow. I was bullied for about a year and a half for no reason at all. The bullying I experienced was all verbal. They called me names and talked about me all the time behind my back. All I could do, because I didn't have much confidence, was cry. My head of year soon noticed and luckily for me, told me to see a counsellor who had just come in to the school. I saw her for about three months before I was told that she was leaving to go on a trip around the world. Fortunately, at the exact same time, she had helped me so much that the bullies had stopped. I am so grateful to the counsellor for helping me get through it.  What the bullies did to me changed me a lot. At first I didn't have much confidence anyway, but they had no right to lower it anymore. I am gradually regaining it three years later but still the slightest nasty thing that someone says to me can set me off in tears and I hate that. I hate what the bullies did to my life and have no idea why they did it. I just hope they don't make someone else's life a misery as much as they did mine. No one has the right to ruin anyones life no matter what has happened to them. All I can say to bullies is Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself."

  • "Dear Oli,
    I have just found your website and had a really good look at it.

    Bullying is a huge and unacceptable problem in schools which should not be tolerated or allowed. Your website gives excellent, sound advice to adolescents. I hope anyone harassed by bullies refers to it and finds support by contacting others who are, or have been, subjected to similar experiences. No individual should have to tolerate this infringement of the personal space or the freedom to enjoy their school life.

    Well done. The site is fantastic."

  • "I watched the National TV awards and after I heard about the nomination for this site, I  turned off the TV and logged on. This is a very impressive site and congratulation to Oli and the rest of you for doing producing a fantastic site."

  • "I was at the Royal Albert Hall when I heard Oli's nomination and like Billy Connely, I think you're web site is pure genius. I was 22 in August and at school I was teased a lot and I can't tell you all how much it hurt. "We're only joking" they say but it doesn't feel like a joke. Even after 11 years I can still remember the people who teased me. I have gotten over the pain but I've haven't been able to forget yet. I respect everyone of you who are standing up for yourselves because you don't deserve to be bullied. If the bullies keep the same attitude,  they use at school, in the real world then they've got something coming to them. In the adult world there will always be people bigger than you who can pick on you so these bullies will have to change if they want to survive as a grown up. I know it's not a big comfort and that the problems you have are now and not 10 years from now but this is all I can tell you. Make sure somebody knows about your problems otherwise other people cannot help, right? Top job to Oli and everyone at"

  • "Firstly, READ some of the advice that Oli has put on this WEB site - it's no different to the advice I would give based on my experience at school & interest Ive maintained over the years about bullying because of my experiences - All power to you Oli!!! ;) Secondly, trust me - it gets better & I am living proof. These days i'm on my final year at university (the most difficult year!!!) - where both the bullies & teachers who instigated the bullying alike, predicted I would NEVER make it to. It took me over 10 years to get this far because of the damage done to me by long term bullying as a child & how it affected my concentration on work (which is WHY it should be dealt with as EARLY as possible & should NEVER be allowed to go uncheked). Nevertheless, consider me as LIVING PROOF that bullying should NEVER have to affect your whole life like a lot of bullies in their many forms would want it to... Your going to hate the bullies for what they've done to you - its perfectly normal, but like it says on this WEB site, 'You are more important'. DON'T expend your anger on a witch hunt - if you do that then your no better than the bullies. Instead CHANNEL IT!!! I channeled my anger into working hard. All I had to do was remember a bully who said I will end up in a dead end job or unemployed, or a teacher who said it was "very unlikely" I would get onto a particular level or course - & I would work like I was possesed. The bullies humiliate you - by chanelling the anger they cause something positive whether its your acheivements since school or elsewhere - YOU will have the last laugh on them for a MUCH longer time to come than just your days being tormented by them at school as they would. Their 'kick' from doing that to you only lasts them for the time your all at school together. The kick you will get from proving them wrong & making them crawl back under their rock because of it - will last for a far, FAR longer time.

    With my salutations to you Oli & Kate (I proclaim myself you biggest fan;) & my every support for any victim of bullying that may read this."

  • "I really like the idea of this site. It's very friendly and imformative. As a victim of a bully I know how it feels and I'm sure people who are being bullied will feel at home with this site. On with my contribution. I don't think all bullies are bad, inside. They may be rotten people who try to spoil people's lives. You just need to think why. The reason I was being bullied was because I was smart, or a "boff", and the person bullying me was dumb and wasn't liking all the "fame" I was getting. They really think that they want to be smart and want the attention. They just bring it out in the wrong way.
    Well, that's my opinion, what's yours? You agree, disagree?
    Keep up the good work peoples, and yes I did see the article in the Evening Gazette!! He he!
    Catcha later."

  • "Hi Oli - I'm 15 and I've been bullied at school for the last year - it's terrible and I hate it. Pupiline is the only place where I can feel normal. It's so good to know there are other kids like me out there. This is a really cool website! For us by us - that's cool! At last somewhere where people know what it's really like!"

  • "YO Oli I've seen you on Kilroy and that's how I found out about this website, iIwant to thank you its helped me a lot, as you say your just a couple clicks away to find someone thats in the same situation as u."

  • "I would just like to say a big thank-you to oli and katie for this website! You have given everyone the opportunity to talk to other people who are going through the same thing and they are the same age so THANK-YOU."

  • "Hi my name is sarah and i live in england and I'm 14, and I just wanna say that this is really good, because it actually comes from a teenage point of view, adults dont understand bullying like we do. I get hassle of some boys in my class mostly, but they aren't the only ones, I think they dont like me cos I'm overweight, but there we go, but luckily I have really cool friends and we stick by each other, and my tutor understands and helps us, and I just wanna say if you are being bullyed get your friends and talk with them , it does help, and demand action from the school, hopefully it will work.
    I want to thank oli"

  • "A big shout out to everyone involoved with this, it is absoulty fabulous darlings!!! I was bullied while i was at school, hated myself and prayed every night that I wouldn't wake up so that I wouldn't have to go to school in the morning. However, I am still here - alive and kicking!!! It takes time and a lot of strength but by taking a stand and telling people about what is happening is the only true way out. Now I have left school and gone to university and belive me if I can do it so can you. I am thankful that I had a very supportive family and some friends who helped to get me through it. One of the most impotant things I learnt was that you have to dig deep, keep the faith and be strong within yourself while accepting help. Believing what they say is all too easy but is deadly. Whoever you are you a person with endless special qualities. It was an awful time for me but if it means that I am now able to help other people going through the same I don't hesiate in saying it was worth it. I am more than willing to try to help you through it to. if anyone wants to chat to me about anything then I would be delighted to do so. Just give us a bell!!! Everyone is unique and has something very special inside themselves, no one deserves to be made to feel less than worthwhile, anyone who makes you feel like that is the one who needs the help. I don't know who's reading this but I hope that I have been able to offer you something even if it is just a giggle at my expense!! However, keep smiling whoever and wherever you are I am sure you are a true sweetie!!

    Take care of yourself - eat lots of veg and drink herbal tea (mmmmm perhaps not!! just look after yourself!!) Bye for now xxx "

  • "This site is so good I just want people to know that once I got on this site it was good to know that people were feeling the same as you are. It makes you basically a stronger person being able to talk to people about things i.e. bullying. I'm going through it now and it does help to have other people who are prepared to listen and help you do. Good Work Oli and co!!!!!"

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- The Pupiline Team

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©1999-2003 Pupiline Limited, 2003-2008 Creative Commons. For info email Oli Originally powered by KeConnect Internet, now powered by XCalibre and the Big Boost, recovered thanks to Warrick

©1999-2003 Pupiline Limited, 2003-2008 Creative Commons. For info email Oli Originally powered by KeConnect Internet, now powered by XCalibre and the Big Boost, recovered thanks to Warrick