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Links...To Check Out

Below are some of our favorite sites, feel free to take a look at 'em.

ChatDanger - How to chat safely

Prison! Me! No-Way! Trust - "A unique approach to crime prevention and youth education"

IWant2B/Directory - Northern Ireland Youth Site - Courses in Personnel Development - Exam Help Website - For Revision Guides

The Ipswich Town Football Club Website - Info and Help on Revision

GCSE Bytesize - BBC's guide to revision - Channel 4's All Things Educational - Aid with Revision - Links to Help with Schoolwork

Dr.Math - Q&A on Maths - Site for School Students

Young-Voice - Young People's Views

Childline (0800 1111) - The Premier, Professional Advice Guys - Another Hub for Professional Bullying Advice!

Success Unlimited - A Site Containing Loads of Info on Bullying

The BBC's bullying site:

Options - Crisis Pregnancy Counselling
tel: +44 (0) 1206 752 459 - Issues, Information and Advice - Information on Sexual Health Issues

Advice on Lots of Issues:

American Website Dealing with Issues Around Sex:

British Bankers Association - Simply Put; Facts About Banks

Banking Ombudsman Scheme - Organisation Run by People Specialising in the Legal Issues of Finance - The Bank's Website - The Bank's Website - The Banks' Website - A "Direct Bank" and Division of HSBC - The CO-OP's Internet Bank

The Office of Fair Trading - - National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux - Information on Insomnia and Sleeping Remedies - Information on Eating Disorders
medical/eating.index.html - The Eating Disorders Association

International Eating Disorder Centre:

American Diabetes Association - American aite dedicated to Diabetes

Diabetes UK - UK Charity for People with Diabetes

A Site With News, Information and Advice Relating to Diabetes:

Links to Diabetes Sites: - Website with Advice for Young People

Advice Website from the Global Youth Network: - Teen Site - Advice Column for Young People - Teen Girl E-Magazine - Website for Teen Girls - The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom - Recipes for Vegetarian Meals - The Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive - Vegatarian's E-Magazine - Recipes for Vegetarian Meals

British Nutrition Foundation - Information and Advice on Nutrition - The Vegetarian Resource Group

You Are What You Eat - A Guide to Good Nutrition: - Information to get a Healthy Lifestyle

International Food Information Council - Food Safety and Nutrition Information - The Internet's Premier Bacon Buttie Site

Futures Careers Guidance - Careers Guidance Service

A comprehensive directory of all universities and colleges in the UK:

- The Pupiline Team

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